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    Learn to play than cursing the game itself. If u r looking 20+ hosted PvP till u r missing something in ur strategy. I have cleared level 17/35 champs in random PvP and also went as High DPS solo.

    The problem is people want everything served on a sliver platter. Work on your champs according to the events. I normally finish 60-70k in PvP (2x 12k + 2x 4k) and I installed game back in Jan mid this year.
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    The problem is that if you play with 20% wining rate, it’s not funny.
    You are maybe right about all improvements that would help to have a better rate (whose limit should be 50%). But this is a game on mobile phones. You should not be supposed to work hard, suffer, make sacrifices, win the stress, etc for having a bit of fun. In fact people are quitting the game. Alliances are decreasing. Cause people go to try other games...
    So it’s better to improve orc’s pit and cancel pvp.
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    Check major Player Vs Player (PvP) games and you will see people whining coz you get to face Real Humans than some duffer AI with all predictable moves. (And here on SoW u get to build your own champ before hand).

    I just finished 36k without much effort and yes I did go pub games. Many on our fellowship players skip PvP coz they dont like it but that doesnt means they dont want others to play PvP. What I feel is if game is too simple then people get bored and if acheiving targets is hard .. People start whining.

    What they can do is make PvP only for players over a specific Level so low level dont get butchered. And if they do that then again people will blame Devs for not making it "play for all".

    Another observations .. With Arenas being hard.. Botters had hard time. XD
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    Success is when you make a very nice product and customer are happy. It’s up to wb to make a nice product to satisfy the gamers. It’s not up to the gamers to say how to make the product.
    From my side I gave the feedback that can be expected from a client: on orcs pit can be worked. PvP is to give up. Concepts problem.
    Ps: in a moment where a lot of people are complaining (and leaving) it is not a good idea to make prizes more difficult to be achieved.
    Pps: and make a more sophisticated writing system.
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    Im not sure how to type this in simple words that PvP stands for Player Vs Player and requires a joint effort by fellowship to win. Soloist and new players (or those who never work on single champ) will always be butchered in PvP if they dont prepare well enough.

    Its not like PvP is the only thing left in this game. Arenas/Pits r still there to be played. Those who dont like PvP can always skip it and wait for Arenas. Why ruin the fun for others? Our realm is still doing well in PvP and ppl r enjoying it.

    And if someone is pissed coz they cant win in pvp and wants to leave then maybe they should coz if they cant skip something others r enjoying and want to tame it according to their needs.. Maybe this isnt the right game for them. People should learn to leave feedback than whining on forums n chats. If feedback is mass and constructive enough then dev might give it a chance.

    Typing I cant win delete this pvp isnt constructive at all.
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    Feedbacks always come from clients/customers.

    Please name me one PvP game where people are allowed to build their champs/heroes before PvP.

    Also ask them if they had to put effort to Training their champ according to game requirements.

    And please dont name Arcade games. :')
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    The pvp is unbalanced. People are not likely to spend gems (money) on something that is clearly broken. This game is for entertainment for players. If they are not having fun they sure as hell are not going to spend gems. That and are most likely to be driven away to other games. The pvp needs work.
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    Train ur fellowship to beat others on PvP. PvP is a fellowship event and not individual event. Almost all my fs ppl r doing over 20k easily. Spend time on fs than ranting here. And none of my fs ppl spending gems on pvp. Still scoring top#15 position.
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    Em .... NO!


    There are 2 types of matches - Public and Fellowship !


    Unless you can not understand that those two words are two tottaly different words, that someone might even argue are opposites in the game !


    And some base for comparison you have :


    oh I/we are sooo good, look at me and my fellowship, you are noob , go QQ somewhere else !


    So it seems you have problems with understanding, so let me tell you how your answer sounds to me :


    Tell ur fellowship to abuse the imbalanced system to smash others on PvP. PvP is a fellowship event and not individual event, so everybody who just plays from time to time MUST NOT ENTER AND IS FORBIDDEN FROM ARENA GAMES!!!!. Advertisment time : We are sooo good ,almost all my fs ppl r doing over 20k easily, cause we KAPPA!!!! Spend time spending money here rather than ranting here, because you know - this is a pay to win game and no matter what you try , you have no chance of beating a Credit card warrior!!!

    And none of my fs ppl spending gems on pvp, cause we so KAPPA that the game gives us gems to play. KAPPA !!!

    Still scoring top#15 position. KAPPA


    But you hit the nail on the head with your username ! I will give you that!


    Some people here are a living prove that the Evolution is only a theory !



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    First of all I never said

    1. About my fs or me being a creditcard warrior.
    2. About anyone being a noob.
    3. About forbidding anyone from entering arena
    4. Or Advertising my fs .. Coz if it was so I'd type my realm and fs name.

    So dont put ur words in my mouth.

    Remember this : -> No one on my fs has spent a penny on PvP. Hell we r mostly 18 to 22 playing while others on our fs dont like PvP and skip it.

    But they dont hate PvP .. Its not to their liking.. yet they agree that others like it.

    And instead of ranting here .. Try focusing on ur fs .. Champs and guide ur players.

    Joining a fs event via public doesnt makes it individual event. But that wont get into ur brain afterall "NeuroSoup" is ur username - hardly any functioning neural node is left.

    I agree with ur last point " Evolution is only a theory" coz if u cant even evolve ur gameplay in a simple mobile game then u probably in line for extinction.
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    What a hostile thread :)


    PVP is the only thing keeping me invested in this game at the moment.  The Co-op arenas are so monotonous and require so much effort (or money) to earn rewards in, and you are pretty much guarenteed to win every single match you play.  That's not a game, that's more like a training exercise.


    If there's no possibility of losing, why play?  That's just going through the motions.  That's part of what makes PVP so great.


    Is it often very difficult to win public PVP matches, sure.  But that's the game.  Sometimes you get matched with other publics, sometimes you get matched against a Fellowship team.  That's luck of the draw.  If you lose, you play again.  It's not like you had to spend arena energy to do so.  I don't see what the problem is.


    Also, i'll add that going with the 1 high DPS and 3 low strategy is lame.  Trophies correlate directly to power, so even if you win 95% of the time, you'll earn less trophies than teams that host matches with 4 high champions and win 60% of the time.  


    But hey if you're winning and you're happy with it, I ain't mad at ya.  There are a lot of viable ways to win matches in PVP.  


    If PVP isn't your favorite part of the game, you're probably just a sore loser :)


    WB definitely needs to improve on match-matching algorithms in attempt to ensure balanced matches, but you can't really blame WB if players are joining publics with Talion.  Play your high DPS champs in public.  Play your other champs when hosting matches with your FS so that at least the other 3 players give you a better chance of winning.  If you're running paper tigers like Idril and Lithariel in public PVP, you're bound to get destroyed by a team with lots of ranged DPS.  


    I'd definitely have quit by now if it wasn't for PVP.  From my perspective WB should start phasing out regular co-op arena, or at least switch the positions so that PVP is the 3 day and co-op is the 2 day.  There's a lot more fun to be had in PVP, and it's much easier to earn higher rewards because the bonuses for completing a champ are proportionately higher.


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    Thread wouldn't be hostile if people weren't defending a terrible system because they can game the system and win a majority of time.


    Anyone defending this PvP system is only doing so because they can take advantage of it and don't want a system that is fair.


    An easy solution to this PvP system is simple and I've suggested it since the first week it was introduced. Every hero queue'd is maximized for PvP purposes. Problem solved. Then it would actually take skill and coordination to win.


    The high level fellowships are the only ones that spend money on this game and WB would risk losing that player base because they would actually have put forth some effort to win. Hence the defense of this very flawed system.


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    so you're saying that lvl2 talion should be lvled to lvl100 to match the power? have you seen anywhere in any game that has pvp that if you duel other player (noob) would get noob to max lvl jost so he can duel? I think you need to wake up from your pink dreams and start living a real life lol. there will be always top people that will win and only way to get to top is either being really good and sacraficing some time or money.

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    Just learn the strategy like every aspect of any game. For me PvP is the most fun aspect of the game because every single match is a new challenge. 


    You don't even have to be good at PvP to get decent rewards, just compare PvP rewards to Co-Op, it takes far less effort to get equivalent rewards.



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    : True. Its fun and unpredictable unlike Arenas.
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    neras, you are a dumbass troll but I'm going to respond to you anyways just because your comment is stupid.


    There are literally a **bleep** ton of games that have some sort of equalized PvP so it's enjoyable for everyone and based on skill and not just fun for asshats who spend cash to win or enjoy ganking low level people or fixing matches using a 20K celebrimbor with 3 1k champions.


    We can just start the list by adding that almost all FPS (Modern Warfare, Battlefield, PUBG, etc,) and MOBA's are euqalized (read no levels or stat differences and only minor advantages for gear), let's make a short list of other games not in this genre that do some sort of equalized PvP as far as stats and levels go.


    Guild Wars 2 - everyone is raised to the same level and you can literally get free PvP gear in the WvWvW scenarios. One of the best PvP games imho

    World of Warcraft - put in instances of same level range and in arena based on rating (have to be max level) - gear does make a difference here but skill is much more important

    Mount and Blade Warband

    Dark Age of Camelot

    Asheron's Call



    Destiny 2


    Blade and Soul
    Elder Scolls Online
    Dark Souls

    Camelot Unchained



    So take your own advice and wake up, get WB head out of your arse, and stfu.



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