[Android] Shadow of War Recover Account



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    Hi guys, same issue and my lvl 93 account was linked to Facebook. When i start recover it by connecting to Facebook, the hole game shutts down/off and wont reload (the game shutsdown until i connect to another device and try to recover) Anyone has the same issue or solution (thats better) cause i raised so many tickets and all i received is some standard nonsens and no support!! (bye bye money)




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    Pessoal eu fui logar minha conta em outro aparelho e apareceu uma nova conta no meu Facebook e não a minha
    Preciso q me ajudem a recuperar minha conta
    Nick: Borboo
    Sociedade: fui expulso da vingiloth por esse motivo
    Reino: Rohan
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    I same problem with game crashing nonstop. I can't even get into game on WiFi or not

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