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    The bots are mostly game generated because there are not enough actual players on to run the arena. This game is not currently being developed and is on autorun. 


    I feel really sorry for any dumbass who is spending money on this game. If you want to participate, you need to join a top 10 Fellowship and follow one of the prescribed methods for winning PvP.


    1. 1 High level Celebrimbor and 3 low-mid character (Hallas, Marwen, and 1 tank is preferred). Celebrimbor stands and just shoots arrows that explode up everyones ass. WIN!


    2. 1 High level tank with a very high level orc and 3 lowest characters. 3 lowbies run in and die immediately and tank comes in, hits 5 times, and gets very high level orc out who annihilates the other team in about 10 seconds.  


    Wash and win a lot. 

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    I was in a top Fellowship, tyvm, and had to leave thx to r/l traumatic events causing my gameplay to wane.
    While your advice IS good, I already am aware of such strategies.
    those strategies BARELY apply nowdays, and not everyone CAN join a Top 10 FS.
    There are many, many roadblocks: they're full, their demands/rules don't mesh with real-lives, they're BOTTERS and/or corrupt, they look down on F2P players...the list is endless.

    Regardless of any of that, I stand by the crux of my original post:

    the DEVs have *OBLIGATIONS and RESPONSIBILITIES* to FIX what is wrong within the game. And the 4X4 ARENA is RIDDLED with ToS-breaking activity and has been rendered mostly useless.

    1) Bots should NOT be allowed and their users should be device banned.
    2) The alterations they made to the 4x4 Arena have rendered it POINTLESS, especially for HONEST, and F2P, players.

    They MUST:
    a) FIX the CODING to /BLOCK BOTTERS and DEVICE-BAN the players who utilize them,
    b) ROLL it BACK to where it was a couple months ago, OR
    c) REMOVE it altogether.

    Period, end of story, #facts , nuff said.
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