Global chat servers UNREACHABLE



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    WB Gamer
    No I don't think we will get an update for this! The reason; this game is abandoned by the devs!!
    I'm not really sure they got a plan for the game.
    After they made this weekly schedule (pits-pve-pu-pvp-orcPu) they let us play this game as it is. No major updates, not to mention they haven't made small adjustments in the gameplay at all (still waiting to see how much time does zog's active spell lasts). They left it as it was. I guess it's because there's no major boycot (whales are whales, no offense guys), they get their ''poket money'' and it's all good for them. I haven't gave them a single penny after the weekly schedule just because they have abandoned the game and it's customers.
    Anyways, my point is that without a major boycot or something like bad advertising devs will continue to not give a cr*p about this game just because they get paid without doing anything!
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    WB Gamer
    They don't even post weekly warlord schedule in time, sometimes they don't even bother posting it! it's up to you now!

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